1 year of laundry for less than 10 dollars: 2 ingredients are enough…

This low-cost homemade laundry detergent offers whitening, disinfecting, and stain-removing properties, thanks to the natural and biodegradable bicarbonate. Additionally, it acts as a fabric softener and deodorant. Sodium percarbonate contributes disinfecting and stain-removing qualities, while Marseille soap is biodegradable and anti-allergic, providing gentle cleaning. Save money, care for the environment, and promote health with this DIY solution.


Marseille Soap Flakes 60 grams $0.40
Sodium Percarbonate 15 grams $0.15
Bicarbonate 30 grams $0.10
Essential Oil A few drops $0.05
Hot Water 1 liter
Cold Water 1 liter


  1. Heat a liter of water and mix in Marseille soap flakes until well incorporated.
  2. Turn off the heat, then add sodium percarbonate and bicarbonate. Blend the mixture thoroughly.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool and sit for a full day; it will become compacted, which is normal.
  4. Mix the compacted detergent with a liter of cold water until the mixture is homogeneous and smooth.
  5. Transfer the detergent into pots, rinsed and dried liquid detergent bottles, or a glass jar.
  6. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to perfume the linen (e.g., lavender or lemon).

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