Ground Beef Pasta

Have you ever craved a dish that not only fills your stomach but also warms your soul? Look no further than the delightful blend of flavors and textures found in the Easy Pasta and Ground Beef recipe. This culinary masterpiece isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience, perfect for any occasion and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Let’s take a closer look at the star players in this culinary ensemble:

Ingredient Quantity
Penne Pasta 400g / 14 oz
Ground Beef 2 patties
Shiitake Mushrooms 200g / 7 oz
Garlic To taste
Green Onions To taste
Ginger Root To taste
Parmesan Cheese 60g / 2 oz

Step-by-Step Pasta and Ground Beef Recipe Instructions

Now, let’s dive into the culinary journey:

  1. Cook the Ground Beef: Heat a pan over medium-high heat. Crumble the ground beef patties into the pan, seasoning generously with salt, black pepper, and your favorite meat seasoning. Cook until the beef is beautifully browned and crumbled, ensuring it’s cooked through for optimal flavor and safety.
  2. Add Aromatics: Reduce the heat to medium and add finely chopped garlic and ginger to the pan. Stir constantly to prevent burning while allowing the aromatics to infuse the beef with their delightful flavors.
  3. Incorporate Mushrooms and Onions: Introduce the shiitake mushrooms, sliced into bite-sized pieces, to the pan. After a few minutes, add the green onions, stirring gently to combine. These additions bring depth and texture to the dish, elevating its flavor profile to new heights.
  4. Perfectly Cook the Pasta: In a separate pot, bring salted water to a rolling boil. Add the penne pasta and cook until it’s just al dente, as it will continue cooking in the sauce later.
  5. Combine and Finish Cooking: Before draining the pasta, reserve a few ladles of pasta water. This starchy liquid will help create a luscious sauce. Add the pasta water to the beef and mushroom mixture, followed by the drained pasta. Turn off the heat and sprinkle in the Parmesan cheese. Stir until everything is well combined and coated in the creamy sauce.
  6. Serve with a Touch of Elegance: Dish out the pasta and ground beef into bowls, garnishing each serving with an extra sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. This final flourish adds a touch of decadence, ensuring your dish is as visually stunning as it is delicious

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