American Pitbull Terrier Athletic Build

This looks like my dog, he was one of the best dogs in the world that I will never forget, he used it to skip my laundry on the first floor balcony down from the garden, and when I shouted at him he gave me a big smile and I couldn’t cope.

Pitbull dogs can be easily distinguished from other dogs by their physical characteristics. The physical characteristics of Pitbull dogs are as follows:

Pitbull dogs are stocky, muscular, stunted and strong dogs. The strongest parts of these dogs are their skulls and jaws.

  • Their ears are usually cut and upright. His eyes are round.
  • Pitbull dogs’ teeth look like scissors.
  • The back is short, straight and very strong. The abdominal section is in an inward shape.
  • Tail sections are short compared to body structures.
  • The front of the legs is thick. The hind legs are muscular, the heels are perpendicular to the ground.
  • Hair is short and hard.

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