Little Pitbull Puppies Fight

What to Know About Behavior and Nutrition in Pitbull Puppy Care

The quiet and calm welcome of the family when the puppy enters the house for the first time facilitates the adaptation process. In fact, if there are children at home, it will be the healthiest to meet the baby sitting down. It will directly affect the dog’s attitude towards new builds, as meeting with the family will form the basis.

When the puppy enters the house, it should be left alone, but show affection when it comes to you. Again, after getting used to the house for the first time, let them walk through all the rooms. If you do not want it to enter your bedroom, do not let it into the room even in the introduction part. If possible, always keep the door closed during this familiarization period. It will be easier to get used to when you ban it this way.

The calm environment to be given to the puppy will ensure that he / she has a balanced spirit and will not get used to an excited or scared state.
In addition to socializing, you will need a lot of positive training to ensure your pup will behave balanced towards the environment. Pit Bulls are very energetic and prone to pull on their leash. If possible, take your dog to a training class where other dogs are trained.

Thus, it speeds up the process by following other dogs during training. In leash training, do not move until the leash loosens, staying where you are when it pulls you.

When the leash loosens, reward it. If there is no relaxation, get attention by touching the sound and then. Get together with people and dogs often. It is very important to stay calm and stay in control in this breed, which tends to jump on people to sniff. You can have a moderate and balanced dog by training this breed, which has an aggressive and headstrong psychology, while it is a puppy.

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