The American Bully should give a very strong impression compared to its size. It is a compact and medium/large sized dog with a muscular body and squat head. American Bully should have a heavy bone structure appearance with a bulky structure and appearance.


The American Bully is a breed that demonstrates confidence, is a joy of life, and eager to please their families and bond. This makes the American Bully the perfect family companion. Despite the tough and strong appearance of the American Bully, his demeanor is gentle. They get along great with children, and also with strangers and other dogs and animals. Aggression, excessive shyness, or irritability towards humans or dogs is not characteristic of the American Bully and is extremely unwelcome.


• The heavy, large and broad head of the American Bully exemplifies the breed type.
• Medium length, deep throughout, wide skull, very prominent and sharp cheek muscles, prominent and deep recess between the eyes.
• Ears – Straight up. It can be natural or shortened.
• Eyes – All colors are considered equal, except for albino (pinkish to red) who are disqualified. Blue eyes, lack of pigment around the eyes are undesirable.
• Eye shape oval – almond-shaped, below the skull and far apart. Round eyes are undesirable and bulging or protruding eyes are a mistake.
• The visibility of the third eyelid should be minimal.
Errors: Excessively visible third eyelid, color mismatch in both eyes, bulging or protruding eyes. Disqualification Errors: Albino eyes.
• Mouth- Short-Medium length and wide. The distance from the tip of the nose to the recess between the eye and the length to be shorter than the length of the skull is approximately one-third of the distance from the tip of the nose to the posterior point of the skull; but not short enough to interfere with normal breathing. The mouth is squat and slightly square under the eyes. The upper line of the mouth should be flat with neither pointed nor nose in profile.
• Chin – pronounced.
• Under the chin – parallel to the mouth and never facing up.
• Lips – semi-close and even, minimal slack is acceptable but not preferred.
Errors: Mouth too long or sharp; a mouth that is too short to interfere with normal breathing; recess between the cheek and the shallow eye; weak under the chin; upward-facing under the chin; nose pointing up or pushed back; excessively drooping lips.
• Upper Teeth – outside the lower teeth or upper posterior teeth outward and lower posterior teeth inward (scissor bite)
Mistakes: the lower and upper incisors are aligned to the tip (or at the same level) (level bite), the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw (overshot bite), the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth (undershot bite) and the crooked jaw (wry bite) ).
Serious Errors: Overshot bite of 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) or more, or lower jaw longer than upper jaw (undershot bite).
• Nose – Wide and open nostrils. All colors/pigments are acceptable (light pink color) except albino.
• Heavy, muscular, slightly curved, tapering from the shoulder towards the back of the skull. There should be at least loose skin from compact to medium size.
Faults: Neck too thin or weak; neck too short or too long.

Now if only people would follow these standards… I wouldn’t have a problem with bullies if people would stop breeding these “exotic” lines with severely bowed legs pointed out shoulders, bulldog type short muzzles, etc… At least these look healthy, although I disagree that their gait is effortless. I think there is too much mass atop such short legs, which leads to joint problems too, but the dogs in this video don’t look bad compared to what I’ve seen!

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