Fans Are Surprised by Lisa Rinna’s Latest Appearance, Calling It ‘She Ruined Her Face’

Recently, 60-year-old actress, model, and author Lisa Rinna walked the red carpet at the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards.

Reknowned for her parts in the beloved television shows Melrose Place, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,

and Days of Our Lives, the actress continues to perform, demonstrating that skill and hard work can overcome age.

Lisa Rinna has always had a passion for style, and it should come as no surprise that her signature look frequently draws attention to herself.

She opted to wear an oversized bow at the waist of her black Spring/Summer 2024 Viktor & Rolf Couture dress at her most recent appearance; she accessorized simply to allow the gown take center stage.

Rinna has always been upfront about her numerous cosmetic procedures and has never concealed them throughout the years.

‘In the beginning, it was great,’ she said, pouting her lips. She developed persistent scar tissue from silicone injections that eventually oozed out of her lips.

‘I am the ideal poster child for what not to do on a whim,’ the actress disclosed.With everything that has transpired with the lip,

I can demonstrate to them the importance of embracing your appearance and loving oneself for who you are.

Anyone who ‘wants to age their way’ is acknowledged by Rinna, regardless of whether they want to make drastic changes to themselves or none at all. It’s actually the most comfortable way for you.

Following Rinna’s most recent appearance, fans haven’t wasted any time in commenting. Many have noticed a change and wonder, ‘What did she do to her face?’

Another fan expressed empathy for the difficulties and harsh realities that women encounter in the entertainment industry, saying, ‘I worry about doctors who would do this to a naturally beautiful face.’


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