Tom Selleck fears he may lose his beloved ranch after the end of ‘Blue Bloods’

It feels like Tom Selleck has been and done pretty much everything there is to do at the highest level of the entertainment industry, and one would imagine that after his long and lucrative career, he’d be set for the remainder of his days if he decided to hang up his acting boots tomorrow.

Yet while it has to be assumed that he’s never going to have to worry about having the money to keep a roof over his head, there is one particular roof that might be beyond his bank account if things don’t go his way in the future… and it’s one he’d much rather keep hold of.

As per TMZ, Selleck made a startling admission during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, revealing that he’s worried he might have to give up his famous ranch following the announcement that hit series Blue Bloods has been canceled after 14 season.

Fans familiar with the show will know that Selleck has served as its main man for the entirety of its run, playing the role of NYPD boss Frank Reagan.

According to, Tom is the highest-paid member of the Blue Bloods cast, raking in a cool $200,000 per episode. The 79-year-old also features as one of the executive producers for the series.

Yet all good – and money-spinning – things must come to an end, as they say, and now that Tom’s staring down the barrel of losing his most consistent acting gig of recent years, he’s having to at least consider the prospect of potentially selling his beloved 63-acre ranch in California.

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TMZ claim that during the aforementioned CBS interview, Tom expressed his hope that he will be able to find other acting roles that ensure he can keep hold of the ranch.

When his interviewer asked if he was being serious, the Magnum P.I alum insisted he was, implying that the need for a constant paycheck is a reality even when you’ve climbed as many rungs on the fame ladder as he has.

The actor then outlined how there’s a difference between being able to comfortably cover his living expenses for the rest of his life and affording the sprawling ranch that serves as his pride and joy. Remember, the place used to be an avocado farm, so it’s big enough to require a lot of maintenance and, seemingly, eats at a fair chunk of his finances.

The long and short of it is that Tom will soon be on the market again to chase his next big role, and if his words are anything to go by, retirement isn’t something he’s considering.

This runs contrary to reports from a few years ago that suggested he was “tired of the grind”. Back then, an insider told OK! Magazine that Selleck was considering retirement, despite the fact that Blue Bloods was yet to run for several more seasons.

“He’s tired of the grind, and the show just takes more and more out of him every season,” the quoted insider told OK!.

“The cast and crew will be sad to see him go, but Tom’s got plenty to keep him busy — and he looks forward to kicking back on the days he doesn’t!”

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